Geingob unveils vision for a prosperous Namibia

The Namibian government has launched the second phase of the Nationhood and National Pride (NNP) program aimed at enhancing and engendering the spirit of nationhood.

The framework has five strategic pillars: National Identity and Nation Branding; Social Cohesion; Governance and Capacity building; Research and Innovation; and Communication, Education and Awareness.

The NNP sets out a clear vision, mission and values that together express national aspirations, syncing fluidly with President Hage Geingob’s grand vision of building “The Namibian House”.

The program defines critical issues, strategies, measures, outcomes and goals to which stakeholders have agreed and committed themselves, as reflected in 12 key national commitments to be implemented from 2020 to 2025.

The key national commitments include: establishment of a Brand Council for Namibia (Brand Namibia); establishment of the National Cultural Troupe; introduction of a National Pledge of Allegiance; strengthening a common value system; strengthening of public diplomacy; and promotion of production and consumption of local goods and services.

Others are promotion of Namibian culture; revitalization of civic virtues; enhancement of National Youth Service for effective and efficient service delivery; intensification of the fight against crime and violence; and intensification of efforts on public education awareness.

At the NNP launch on Wednesday, President Geingob said implementation of the commitments would bolster patriotism.

“As we collectively strive for the betterment of our nation. It will further result in a strong common-value system among our youth and a desire to always do better and stay competitive at the international stage,” he said.

President Geingob said the program required Namibians to engage in continuous self-introspection, with all citizens gearing themselves towards contributing to a more just, united and prosperous society in their own spheres.

“I want to call upon all Namibians, to become champions and ambassadors of this program. Let us hold hands, celebrate and promote our shared identity, our shared boundaries, our shared, God-given, land and march under the banner of One Namibia – One Nation, towards our vision of shared prosperity,” said President Geingob.

Information and Communication Technology Deputy Minister Emma Theofelus said the vision behind the NNP was to ensure Namibia remained a thriving, dignified and unified society.

“These pillars are concretized with strategies that ensure that the NNP program attains its vision and mission within a well-defined values system encompasses patriotism, respectfulness, integrity, dignity and empathy,” she said.