International Joint Commemoration

A cultural initiative promoted by Italian Geographical Society and Geographic Research and Application Laboratory

April 8th – May 14th, 2021.

An international and inter-disciplinary commemoration on a geographically distributed basis. It includes:

Science-oriented online international seminars (hereby called “Webinars”) and national didactic and public-engagement encounters (hereby called “Encounters)

  • A centralized information campaign via a dedicated website (www.shadowofnorge.eu)
  • A “gaming” action (possibly) via social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for experience-sharing about the journey of the NORGE in augmented reality.

Petter Johannesen, will be among the Speakers and Chair into:

  • “Custodians of the Memory – I custodi della memoria”, April 8, 10.00 (UTC +2) - Speaker
  • “The North Pole and Beyond”, May 12, 18.00 (UTC +2) - Chair

Official website: https://www.shadowofnorge.eu/en/

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